Industry: Entertainment conglomerate (publishing, television, films, sporting events, programming)
CEO: Phil Sato
Employees: 83,000+ global
HQ: Madison
Total Assets: $128 billion
Prominent Units: VidServe, Virtual City, Moon Microsystems, HoloMap, Flixfone, Edo Cyberscape, New Tokyo Broadcasting, Utopia Network, REPP, Skin-e-max, Newstime, Indoor Life, Sports Digitized, Credits!, vPublish, Chargeroad Cinema, New London Records, KidCorp

The Akihabara group is the second largest entertainment conglomerate in terms of revenue (following Sun Entertainment), as well being as the world’s largest media conglomerate. They own multiple buildings throughout the City; a twin-tower complex in the Madison district contains their headquarters and the Newstime studios. They face competition primarily from Sun Entertainment and Nanosoft.


Industry: Telecommunications (mobile telephony, net services, tv)
CEO: Jaime Rose
Employees: 930,000+ global
Headquarters: Greenwich
Total Assets: $269 billion
Prominent Units: Teleport Research Group, Netcommunications Inc., the VBM Planetary Network, British Holocom, Lupine Tech

Allied Teletech holds the largest share of the City’s wireless network. They are guilty (in the public eye, though not by any legal definition) of censorship, monitoring communications, filtering intellectual property, discriminating against the remaining public access channels, and outsourcing poorly designed ‘net security applications. Many Radicals refuse to subscribe to the AT network and choose a smaller company instead, but most of their traffic gets routed through the AT network anyway.


Industry: Automotive, public transport, agribusiness, agricultural biotechnology, robotics, augments, virtual reality, aerospace, finance, diversified investments
CEO: Eiji Atoyo
Employees: 418,652+ global
Headquarters: Towers
Total Assets: $370 billion
Prominent Units: Atoyo Regional, Moorland Aircraft, Scaled Integrations, Atoyo Net Literacy Program, Atoyo Tech Institute, Meka Electronics, Atoyo Chemical Industries, Botic Surgery, Lake Industries, Speedy Security

As the largest producer of all-electric and hydrogen vehicles on the market, with factories in most parts of the world, Atoyo manufactures or assembles vehicles for the local market. One such factory lies in the outskirts of the mega-sprawl. They participate heavily in aerospace, higher education, robotics, finance, agricultural biotech, and private policing (to name a few). Atoyo’s environmental segment, Lake Industries, is a not-for-profit organization, making it one of the few remaining corporations that uses surplus revenue to achieve its goals rather than distributing this income among the executives and shareholders. Atoyo also operates Speedy Security, currently the City’s fourth-largest private military and security corporation behind rivals OmniCorp’s Black Guard, Globex’s Global Republic, and Valyant’s Watch.


Industry: Pharmaceutical, health care, cosmetics, biotech, bio-weapons, augments, and over 250 diversified subsidiaries
CEO: Robert Johansson
Employees: 114,000+ global
Headquarters: Helfield
Total Assets: $103 billion
Prominent Units: Ariel Technology, Futuraza, Norwood, Svensson Pharma, LifeTrack Inc, Foley Nutritionals, Orthogon Clinical Diagnostics, Optimal Pharmaceuticals, Vortex LLC

BioCom is the full or part-operator of all registered clinics and hospitals in the City. Each BioCom hospital is identified by its registered White Cross emblem, and its clinics with a modified White Cross (called the White Star). They are currently engaged in a lawsuit with Sun Entertainment over the similarity between the White Star logo and Sun’s Parallel Films logo. BioCom ranks high among environmentally-friendly companies, and operates the largest solar power distributor in the City.


Industry: Financial (investments, wealth management, credit, banking, financial analysis, private equity)
CEO: Don Cornwell
Employees: 260,000+ global
Headquarters: Fresnillo
Total Assets: $2 trillion
Prominent Units: Viomex, Virtuabank, Platinum, Montague Banking, Silverchalk Capital, Moran Penzler, Nields Formosa, Tramway Holdings, Solomon Investment Group, Salma Finance, Nakatomi Trade

This multinational financial services firm maintains over 17,000 offices worldwide, managing credit unions, banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, consumer finance companies, real estate, stock brokerages, investment funds and some formerly public government sponsored enterprises. It is rumored that Formosa Equality is responsible for the laundering of over $175 billion dollars each year. Residents and visitors to the City often avail themselves of Formosa’s banking, insurance, and foreign exchange services.


Industry: Conglomerate
CEO: Jason M. Grant
Employees: 768,000+ global
Headquarters: Globex
Total Assets: $751 billion
Prominent Units: Power Electric (energy transmission and distribution), Signal AAE (aerospace, automotive and engineering), Globex (aerospace, automation and control, specialty materials, transport), Integrated Technologies Corporation (augments, auto, aviation, health care), GP Home and Business (appliances, lighting, software, motion control hardware, operator interfaces, programmable logic and automation controllers), GP Innovative Plastics, GP Armaments (munitions), Global Republic (military training, support, security services), GPC Studios, Globex Metro (public transport) and other holdings

Each unit of Globex Power is itself a vast enterprise, many of which would be small but powerful corporations in their own right. Each unit has been involved in controversy at one time or another, usually involving obviously false allegations regarding lack of oversight and failing to provide for adequate protection of the public health or the environment. To further improve its legacy, GP recently announced their Ecomagic program, intended (in the words of its CEO) to “develop new, clean energy solutions for the world of tomorrow.” This multinational conglomerate maintains its offices at the Globex Power Building, known commonly as the GP Building for the prominent logo on the roof. This building also houses the GPC television studios.

Industry: Video and audio products and components, information and communication systems, batteries, semiconductors, financial services, citynet services
CEO: Akio Ibuka
Employees: 855,600+ global
Headquarters: Asheland
Total Assets: $155 billion
Prominent Units: Loop Mobile Communications, City Entertainment Business Group, Virtual Imaging Group, Phased RA, Loop Network Entertainment, Initech, Mega Solutions Group, InGen, Superconductor Distribution, Loop Financial Syndicate, TinCan Social Media Operations

Best known as the parent unit of Loop Mobile Communications and Loop Entertainment (and formerly known as Lionhead Inc.), Leoline was recently voted the most popular communications manufacturer. Leoline stores often boast lines of customers winding around entire blocks when a new EyePhone or other EyeOS device is announced. Loop movies gross huge box-office revenues worldwide in all theater and digital download sales.
Leoline once offered some globally recognized adult-themed products, including the ‘Cherry’ and ‘Harry’ companion robots that were said to be “more human than human.” All of these lines were recently acquired by Si-Ling, with the goal of making them further autonomous.


Industry: Mining, metal, oil, gas, nuclear, hydrothermal, security, and commodities trading
CEO: Marius Whateley
Employees: 71,500+ global (roughly 10,200 in sales and security, the rest in industrial production)
Headquarters: Idlewild
Total Assets: $144 billion
Prominent Units: Millennium Aluminum, Sherwood Alumina, Godecca, Yauliyacu, Cinchway, DU Zinc Group, Kangaroo Mining, Rosebud, HERBE, Whateley-West Joint Venture, UBU Moffat, Crowbar Copper Mining, Realgas, Mineral Resources Ltd., Minecore Security Ventures, Interment Acquisitions, Research and Intelligence

The world’s largest mining corp has few workers in the City, but heavy labor in over 70 mines in 26 countries. Despite controlling a dozen hydroelectric plants and slowly decreasing their pollution output, Minecore has been named ‘the world’s most evil corporation’ by the Radical movement, due to an extensive record of human rights abuses and various ecological disasters. Following Globex’s Ecomagic announcement, CEO Whateley revealed the competing Grimoire research facility in Minecore’s Millennium Building, which will be devoted to “unique reagents, minerals, and chemical compounds.” This new foray into experimental science is a far cry from Minecore’s usual operations, and it remains to be seen exactly what form this new endeavor will take.


Industry: IT and systems, software, consumer electronics, digital distribution, hardware, firmware, IT consulting, advertising, augmented reality, virtual reality, automotive software, biometrics
CEO: Ginni Endicott
Employees: 600,000+ global
Headquarters: Romero Park
Total Assets: $221 billion
Prominent Units: Human Decision, Machine Viz, 3DIC, Shielding Point, Dolorous Guard,
Nanosoft Business, Biometrik

Virtually all home entertainment and gaming systems utilize technology developed by Nanosoft, though they have yet to reach Leoline’s market share when it comes to mobile technology. The company headquarters is a 300,000-square-foot building with four levels of custom curtainwall. Holographic Virtual Intelligence stations designed for interpersonal interaction are located at reception and throughout the facility, all operated by Algernon, a proprietary VI capable of ‘learning’ as it operates. Nanosoft and BioCom recently announced a partnership to utilize high-performance computing and software to deliver faster patient outcomes and improve clinical applications.


Industry: Aerospace (aircraft, radar, satellites, spacecraft), defense (munitions), private military and security, surveillance systems, training and logistics
CEO: Martin Bendix
Employees: 126,000+ global
Headquarters: Woodlawn
Total Assets: $35 billion
Prominent Units: Black Guard, Defiant Operations, Innovation Labs, WYS Properties, Superior Tech Labs, Leveraged Space Alliance, Skyhigh Autonoms, Peredur Pressings

The world’s largest private military and security contractor supplies equipment, trainers, and employees for more than a dozen mega-corporations, as well as operating the largest private security company (Black Guard) in the City. OmniCorp is not above paying ‘incentives’ to executives and foreign officials in order to guarantee contracts. The company’s developmental department is said to include multiple ‘skunkworks’-type groups, secretly researching and testing radical ways to integrate Flux manifestations into new prototypes. The corporate headquarters in Woodlawn is a highly secure three-building complex, with a central four-story building housing an unknown number of underground levels. Walls and windows are covered with special blast- and bullet-proof panels, with flying and crawling security cameras circling the complex to provide 24-hour monitoring.


Industry: Food and beverage
CEO: Don Dewhurst
Employees: 294,000+ global
Headquarters: Fairfax
Total Assets: $68 billion
Prominent Units: Peppy Cola Company, Rito-Jay Inc., Holmes Sporting Goods, Pizza Shack Inc., Taco Beast, Mistress Foods, Ramblers Crisps, Smart Food, Ocean Burst, Aquapura, Great Sport, Fourbucks, Citrus Mountain, Krypton Tea, Draft Foods International, Rexwell House, Mary Sue Bakery, Cracker Snacks, Wonder Foods, Office Station, Well-Met International, Megaway, Umberto, VegWorks, Whahoo Inc., Really Total Fitness, Parker-Price Hotels and Resorts, Thataburger, Universe Foods Co., the City Coffee Partnership, Ryzo

This multi-national corporation is the largest food and beverage manufacturer in the world, with over two dozen product lines each bringing in nearly $2 billion in retail sales every year. Peppy Foods pursues high-publicity marketing, making it almost impossible for anyone in the City not to be targeted with a Peppy Foods ad several times a day. The corporate headquarters includes five interconnected buildings, surrounding a sculpture garden open to the public.


Industry: Financial services, corporate private equity, real estate, hospitality, hotels, computer hardware
CEOs (joint): Sam Feng Huang (electronics), Martin Gui Xian (finance and equity), Gus Long (real estate), Qi Lin (hospitality)
Employees: 136,000+ global
Headquarters: Yoroshiku
Total Assets: $26 billion
Prominent Units: Century Worldwide, Century Hotels Corporation, Kent Karadan Suites,
Garden Lake Hotels, Hsu-Tung Office Properties, Express Services, United Holiday, Luxport,
Houdini Semiconductors

Si-Ling operates in four business segments, with respective percentages of electronic systems (4%), finance and equity (6%), real estate (10%), and hospitality (including the sex industry) (80%). Sex tourists are common visitors to Yoroshiku, where Si-Ling’s gleaming silver Patpong skyscraper headquarters rises high in the sky. Tourists looking for seedy entertainment need not visit Patpong itself, unless they have a fascination for generic office environments and pornographic studios hidden behind biometrically-locked doors.


Industry: Media and entertainment conglomerate (publishing, films, programming, ezines, satellite television, sporting events, netsites)
CEO: Walter Oswald
Employees: 465,000+ global
Headquarters: Surya
Total Assets: $69 billion
Prominent Units: Sunlight Pictures, Flix Animation Studios, J.C. Credit, A-Mart, Ostec Sports, Filmex, Agricola Kola, VSPN, Parallel Films, Fastlink, CBN, JoySmart, Planet Moon

The largest media conglomerate in the world, Sun Entertainment is best known for its film studios and mascot, Blobby (an anthropomorphic e-ink blob). Blobby is an omnipresent figure in Sun media, making him one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. Blobby lives in a large city with other anthropomorphized icons, including his grumpy brother Blueby, his girlfriend Penny, the dollar bill D.B., and others. Blobby is a strong advocate for corporate social responsibility, with subtle messages promoting the value of the corporate alliances. Sun Entertainment disclaims the recent appearances of Blobby in other media as being the work of a disgruntled Hacker, and denies that the Flux has somehow transformed Blobby into a sentient artificial intelligence able to travel through the .citynet at will. The Sunlight Pictures building serves as the corporate headquarters housing the offices, archives, and film production spaces. Limited tours are available. The building is easily recognizable by the 15 foot-tall metal statue of Blobby near the front entrance.


Industry: Agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, industrial, financial, risk management, electricity, wind power
CEO: James Day
Employees: 496,000+ global
Headquarters: Farmington
Total Assets: $119 billion
Prominent Units: Fynal Agriculture Ltd, N-Vitro Meat Products, Sylex Health & Nutrition, Bailey’s Vertical Farming, Nielsen Salt, Doyle Corp, Canary Brothers, Austin’s Cocoa, Red Rise Asset Management, Sylex Power, Bion Polyols, Worldworks LLC, Pole Star Metals

Sylex often suffers from criticisms over environmental damage, human rights abuses, corporate espionage, and other improper business practices. Unlike many other mega-corporations that at least try to promote a responsible image, however, Sylex remains relatively silent. Perhaps as a private, family-owned company, they can release less information than a publicly-traded one, which enables them to keep a low profile. Sylex headquarters can be found in the Express Business Park of Farmington, though they also have a large office in the Stevenson Building of City Central.


Industry: Construction, transport infrastructure (motorways, tunnels, bridges, parking lots), public transport, energy infrastructure/services
CEO: George Baker
Employees: 179,500+ global
Headquarters: Salisbury
Total Assets: $56 billion
Prominent Units: Channel Route, Thruway, Carpark Group, Transport Factory, Envirodale, Mega-Solutions Group

As the inventors of the carbon dioxide-consuming magnesium carbonate wall coatings, not to mention translucent aluminum, and the piezoelectric flooring that builds and stores electricity through the footsteps of everyone walking on it, Transmac is one of the world’s leading proponents of environmental construction. Though they have had their defeats, such as an inability (so far) to halt the flooding of Bangkok with their trademarked C-Walls, these are well in the minority. Transmac Tower is an attractive skyscraper with a conical Art Deco peak composed of translucent aluminum. The employees follow a strict recycling program, using a tower-wide composting program of over 95% efficiency and a powerful grinder and compactor that can quickly process any foodstuff and organic waste.


Industry: Courier
CEO: Tenzin Potter
Employees: 1,847,600+ global
Headquarters: Chao
Total Assets: $67 billion
Prominent Units: UPeX (United Postal Express)

UPeX is the largest remaining mail carrier in the world, responsible for providing delivery services to all their subscribers. Persons without a standing UPeX contract can avail themselves of delivery services on a package-by-package basis. Because UPeX contracts give the corporation the right to scan, open, and inspect all packages, independent gangs and individuals (known as ‘Runners’) have become increasingly popular delivery options in the underworld. However, corporations and civilians can also hire Runners to deliver illegal or incriminating mail. UPex headquarters is a four-story commercial building atop a large underground complex and parking garage. It also connects to the Phoenix Park stadium and four other commercial buildings. UPeX security is said to be extremely strict with adventurous youths and other trespassers who attempt to sneak in through these access points.


Industry: Diversified investments (insurance, utilities, clothing, building products, flight services, retail, media, private security, other), insurance
CEO: Lance Martin
Employees: 762,600+ globally
Headquarters: Union Heights
Total Assets: $372 billion
Prominent Units: Tesla Manufacturing and Technical High School, OHS Insurance, Valyant Assurance, MidCity Energy Holdings, G.G. Earth Homes Inc., Moon Furniture Company, DART Business Services, the Watch, Haig Diamonds, Bison Courier- Express, Mario Cleaning, NTRY Scientific

This multi-national conglomerate is perhaps best known for the company’s chairman and CEO, Lance Martin. He seems to have a golden touch, using the corporation’s available insurance premium reserves to finance investments. He has also been noted for his recent philanthropic gestures, forays into scientific research, and outspoken critiques of what he calls a “drone-based economy.” The Watch private and military security company, once reported to be the most cutthroat of all PMSCs, is currently in the process of transferring or firing a number of its best and ‘efficient’ employees even while simultaneously advertising for new hires. Valyant’s new Camelot theme park has also courted controversy, with a number of visitor complaints that some of the costumed attendants are taking their ‘roles’ far too seriously.


Industry: Megachurches, retail chains (discount supercenters, membership warehouse clubs, clinics, grocery stores, neighborhood markets, restaurants)
CEO: Samuel King
Employees: 2,100,000+ globally
Headquarters: Belmont
Total Assets: $180 billion
Prominent Units: Wildfire Hypermarkets, Superstar, Wildfire Bairro, Wildfire Express, Wildfire Megachurches Inc., Victory Global, Wildfire Mini, Minimarca, Wildfire City, InstaMart, Plusmark, Sentry, Tensing, Happy Market, Go!, SuperXPress

Wildfire owns over 10,000 stores and is also entering the medical market, establishing City Fast Clinics inside the larger supercenters. Over half of all products are store brands or are manufactured by other corporations under special contract. However, since Wildfire stores attempt to undercut competitors by offering the lowest prices, the manufacturers of these products also lower production quality, meaning that items in Wildfire stores have a 60% chance of lower durability and craftsmanship. Wildfire also operates multiple megachurches, and so manages its stores in distinct contrast to the ‘wild’ in the name. All Wildfire stores operate under a corporate directive that refuses to sell what upper management considers to include ‘inappropriate’ or ‘explicit’ content—though they do sell the same items with the offending material removed. Wildfire has the largest number of indentured drone employees and provides the lowest wages of any mega-corporation. Wildfire headquarters occupies its largest store: a 7-story rectangular structure with over 1,000,000 square feet of selling space in over 350 departments.


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