Character Creation

You can download a character sheet here to use – you can fill out the whole thing or just the last page. You can also find the corebook here for references.

1. Choose an archetype. Each character falls into an archetype. These can be found on pages 28-57 of the corebook and in the extra supplements. Archetypes will help inform your character’s background and general information, and also offers discounts on certain Assets.

2. Choose personality traits. Your character will have 3 public traits, and at least 1 secret trait. While public traits are thing that people ascertain from knowing/engaging you, secret traits may be darker and more deep-seated. These can correspond to astrological signs (found on page 60 of the corebook). You may also take another secret trait or just a dark secret your character has for an extra point to spend on Assets.

3. Decide on aGoal. Each character will always have a Goal at all times that informs their motivations. This can be as vague or as specific as you want, and can be public or private information from other players. When a player completes a Goal, they will earn an FP bonus based on the difficulty and will then generate a new one.

4. Select a Core Competency set. These point packages determine how well-versed you are in using the Flux. Higher competency with the Flux yields more Supernatural powers, but less general points.
- Touched: 14 Core Value, 20 Skill, 10 General Asset, 0 Supernatural Asset
- Gifted (recommended for Hackers): 12 Core Value, 18 Skill, 10 General Asset, 5 Supernatural Asset
- Fluxed (recommended for spellcasters): 11 Core Value, 17 Skill, 10 general Asset, 10 Supernatural Asset

5. Define Core Values. Put points into STR, DFT, MTL, KNO, WIT, and MGK. No Core value can be lower than 1 or higher than 4. Then calculate your wound threshold (MTL x2) and Magic Resistance.

6. Purchase Skills. Put points into skills and their specialties if applicable. No skill can be greater than its Core Value +1 and Valor starts at 0 and can’t be purchased. Then calculate your base Fitness Ratings on the sheet.

7. Purchase Assets. Gain Assets for your character – some Archetypes get discounts listed in the corebook. The list is on page 78, with Supernatural spells on page 90-97. For now, use the sample spells provided, we will not be creating our own spells at the start of the campaign.

8. Calculate REPP (optional), new characters have REPP equal to WIT x6 plus any provided by the Star Power Asset.. Your character may choose to opt out of using the REPP service, and can always join later at a reduced REPP score.

Character Creation

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