Welcome to Brink of Chaos, a campaign based on the setting and rules of Corporia.

Our game takes place in ‘The City,’ a future metropolis ruled by an alliance of powerful mega-corporations.

In the future, corporations have gained enough power, influence and autonomy to overshadow federal governments, becoming the true leaders of the country. As time went on, the corporations gained more and more control, eventually spreading their power across the United States. However, their central, condensed hub is The City, a giant, densely populated, intertwined urban mega-sprawl of towering buildings roughly 1,000 square miles wide. Though there are other mega-sprawls similar to The City being built across the continent, The City is the most bustling and populated of all of them, catering to residents and tourists alike.

Though corporations have near complete control, it isn’t all bad. Green energy has become a huge profitable endeavor, leading corporations to support efforts keeping air, water, and streets clean. There is freely available (albeit VI monitored and ad-sponsored) internet for all, and trains and other public transport are efficient and run on time. As long as the mega-corporations can make profits off them, they don’t discriminate against any employees and will support them to a reasonable extent. People may not be pleased with the situation, but most are at least content and have accepted it.

However, it is in this day and age that Sir Lancelot, one of the Knights of King Arthur’s Court, becomes reincarnated in the body and mind of Lance Martin, CEO of Valyant, one of the biggest and most profitable mega-corporations. Lancelot has been reincarnated as a result of Flux (otherworldly) energies becoming stirred and breaking into our reality, and has started taking actions to stop it from plunging the world into chaos.

Lancelot has formed the Knightwatch, a secretive organization committed to stopping chaos from erupting as a result of the Flux. This can range from stopping creatures crossing over from other dimensions to enforcing those that harness the Flux for dark purposes.

Brink of Chaos